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We are an owner-operator hot shot trucking service operating in the southeast United States. Primary operations are typically within a 300 mile radius of Macon Georgia.


We run an 8 foot flatbed dually and a 30 foot gooseneck trailer with ramps. We can deliver small loads up to 3000 lbs in tight quarters with just the flatbed truck, or loads up to 102" W x 32 foot 8500 lbs with the 30 foot gooseneck trailer.


With the mega ramps on our trailer we can haul powered vehicles or non-powered attachments provided the shipper and receiver has the proper equipment for loading and unloading.


We do not haul any passenger vehicles. We will haul all types of construction, agricultural or utility vehicles.


We provide 8 foot tarps, straps, chains, both snap and rachet binders, edge protectors, dunnage and coil racks. Appropriate PPE is always available on the truck for sites that requires it to be worn.



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